Line Material Management Software & Command Center

Line Balancing Management is a software + basic cell stations which controls and acts as an out of control procedure method to your manufacturing needs for any materials.

Auto storage retrieval system handles WIP products:

ASRS/stocker designed for semiconductor or non-semiconductor materials. To minimize material store and retrieval duration, and at the same time, providing real-time status of the materials flow and inventory so that customer have maximun visibility on production throughput.

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ASRS creates more production space while reducing storage space in warehouse & WIP production material. It shrink search time and organize inventory for real time visible data that matters. Improving the security for materials transaction with hassel free inventory control. Full system software implementation goes paperless with 6’S in inventory control. The amount of material required and held in stock, plan for the replenishment of these stocks, create inventory levels for work in progress materials and communicate information and requirements to procurement operations and the extended supply chain.

Semiconductor ARS

ASRS Magazine designed and developed to effectively manage and keep track on the usage of production units in Magazine. The system is built to control each transaction and interlink with the end-user’s database server to extract and exchange data at real-time updating. Only individual with highest level of accessibility to the machine as registered will only be allowed to perform any changes or extraction of data.

ASRS FOUP are fully automated robotic systems controlled by computers that enable all the operations to unload FOUP from carrier, sorting, put-away, storage, order-picking, staging and loading in automatically. The basic system normally built up by four main components which are: Storage rack, input & output systems, storage & retrieval equipment and computer management system that handles FOUP material which use for carrying number of Wafers in single container

ASRS Cassette increase productivity and efficiency through full line automation. It eliminate search time and storage issue as it is based on barcode segregation. Software development and configuration enable to auto dispense to the bay and ready for the next process.

ASRS Jedec Tray is one of the prerequisite for factory automation as it is able to handle flexible storage as each tray has a minimum 1+1 to maximum 10+1. It is able to customize load and unload process flow and capture all transaction load and unload at the same time. Each tray bundle tie with lot ID, part ID, quantity and batch information for easy data retrieval for history log, reports and racking.

ASRS SSD/HDD Tray is a fool proof system which is easy to consolidate item into same lot ID, part ID and batch. Operators needs to verify by employee ID or fingerprint before proceed to loads and unload tray. Each transaction will be recorded into the history logs and reports for only supervisor easy access data retrieval.

Reel ASRS increase productivity and efficiency through full line automation which eliminate search time and storage issue as it based on barcode segregation. Each reels has it’s own size and weight of before and after use which the system is built to control meach transaction and interlink with the end-user’s database server to extract and exchange data at real-time updating.

Non-Semiconductor ARS

Carton Box ASRS was design to solve sorting and storage arrangement while tracking all the ins and outs of the inventory. All transaction are link to the database server for real-time updates. Ensures carton boxes used in the production line are safeguard and traceable.

Bin ASRS manage your internal wastages processes as economically as possible by providing fully comprehensive, integrated and customizable solutions for internal logistics solutions.

Tote Box ASRS simple storage and user friendly to access, yet detailed enough for you to monitor, track and have a close loop follow up on all your totebox status and more.