Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand Industry 4.0 automation solution to different industries. Creating groundbreaking technology innovations for overall factory automation function with less human intervention and making our products more sustainable. Our unique approach of harnessing skillset of people allowed us to grow our presence strategically and seamlessly across southeast asia.
Today, UBCT has proved that the visions of Industry 4.0 can be implemented into reality and offer a new horizon in production. Despite the differences in various industries, all businesses have one thing in common. Every business is part of Internet Of Things (IOT). We offers solutions range from scalable storage system to complex cognitive computing with robots that do the work.


To provide technological applications and solutions to improve efficiency in organisations.


Staying Ahead of Game

Corporate Culture

The mindset of automated system governs menial task. Employees to work efficiently aided by an online system. Eventually becoming a paperless office management system.

Creativity to new ideas to help improve the business and its product. The company will train and motivates its employees to innovate in terms of individual work performance and contribution to product development processes.

The company considers output and achievements as criteria in determining employees’ merits in performance appraisals and promotions. We integrate results orientation in our organizational culture through HR programs that recognize satisfactory output.

The company encourages employees to work closely as a team and constantly communicate with each other and provide support to each other.

The company will provide both technical and soft skills training to employees to improve their personal growth.

A true ‘ownership culture’ is one where employees feel a substantial, personal stake in the company’s performance. It creates a situation in which behavior is guided more by values than rules even when ‘nobody is watching’ people treat each spending decision as if they were in fact, the owner.